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Welcome to Total Wellness Center: Your Aurora Chiropractor

Chiropractic care is about aligning the body and relaxing the mind. As you get the body back into a place of balance and harmony, the tension held in the muscles is released. Chiropractic care increases blood flow, promotes healing and reduces the stress you may not even realize you are carrying. Most patients find they have increased energy levels and an improved mood when they come for regular chiropractic care. For patients with a specific injury or issue that is bothering them, chiropractic care is a natural way to alleviate pain, stiffness, and discomfort without medications or invasive procedures Total wellness center

Finding Your Aurora Chiropractor

Here at the Total Wellness Center, we treat your entire family. Dr. Holly Geersen sees people of all ages—and their beloved dogs as well! As a Chiropractic Board Certified Acupuncturist and chiropractor in Aurora, she specializes in women’s health, geriatric care and rehabilitation services. From prenatal chiropractic care to gentle canine adjustments, you will find Dr. Geersen offers services that fit a wide range of needs for improving the health and comfort of your entire family. She even offers “softer care” for patients that need gentle, low impact adjustments and services.
You want a chiropractor that is going to really listen to you and find out what is causing symptoms. Your chiropractor should be able to correctly pinpoint the underlying causes so treatment is effective. Dr. Geersen is a professional who will listen carefully and knows how to uncover those hidden root issues that are manifesting as pain, stress, tension or discomfort.
Dr. Geersen’s patients appreciate how attentive she is, focused on getting them the individualized care they need. She will explain your care and her recommended treatments clearly so you aren’t surprised or confused. She has a passion for helping all of her patients find true wellness so they can live the life they love.

Conditions We Treat

Your Aurora chiropractic team deals with many issues every day. From severe injuries to diseases and common “wear-and-tear” issues, we see a lot of problems that can be corrected without pain medications or surgery. Here are just a few of the top conditions we treat regularly with chiropractic treatment plans.

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